CNC Justine Oates

CNC Justine Oates

Speaker Background

Head and Neck Clinical Nurse Consultant, Chris O’Brien Lifehouse

Justine graduated in 1989 completing her Diploma of Applied Science in Nursing and then went on to receive her Bachelor of Nursing in 1996 at Sydney University.

She commenced her nursing employment at RPAH on a gastrointestinal surgical ward in 1990.

She then travelled overseas and worked in London for a year before commencing employment on the head and neck surgical ward at RPAH in 1993.

Her role has been as a Clinical Nurse Specialist for the past 9 years and more recently as Clinical Nurse Consultant/Head and Neck Case Manager.

Justine has established the pre-admission clinic allowing pre-operative assessment, education and discharge planning.

Another of Justine’s roles within the Institute is to coordinate the multi-disciplinary head and neck clinic where patients are introduced to all the clinical staff and are given detailed information about their illness and advised of their treatment options.

Justine is currently researching quality of life activities of patients before, during and after treatment. She is also actively involved in staff education and the implementation of clinical pathways.


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