Dr Aoife McGarvey

Dr Aoife McGarvey

Speaker Background

Dr Aoife (pron “Ee-fa”) McGarvey is a Physiotherapist clinician/researcher and Director of Physio Living in Newcastle. Her research over the past 12 years has focused on shoulder and neck rehabilitation and lymphoedema therapy for head and neck cancer survivors, and maximising their physical outcomes.

Information about Aoife’s research can be found on: https://www.calvarycare.org.au/blog/2017/03/29/making-waves/ and her clinical practice on: https://www.physioliving.com.au.

Partnering with Beyond Five has greatly improved survivors’ access to physiotherapy and lymphoedema information. https://www.beyondfive.org.au/Life-after-cancer/Lymphoedema

A recent multicentre trial directed by Aoife and funded through Hunter Cancer Research Alliance, led to significantly improved early access to physiotherapy. The brochure developed as part of this trial is available at: https://www.beyondfive.org.au/BeyondFive/media/PDF/HeadandNeckLymphoedema.pdf?ext=.pdf


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