Suzie Flynn

Suzie Flynn


Suzie graduated in nursing from Kingston University London, working in oncology nursing for a number of years.

Suzie then worked as a nurse unit manager in the Oncology Cancer Centre at St Vincent’s Private Hospital Dublin Ireland.

In  2008 Suzie relocated to Sydney Australia where her passion for treating  head and neck cancer patients started. She worked on an ENT surgical ward which enabled her to develop her skills and expertise in ENT surgical nursing.

For the past 8 years Suzie has worked as a Cancer Care Coordinator. Suzie’s main focus has been looking after patients who have been diagnosed with head and neck cancers.

In the role of cancer care coordinator Suzie is a point of contact for her patients and helps them navigate the heath system, ensuring optimal and timely provision of high quality care to patients with a cancer diagnosis.

Suzie acts as an advocate and voice for patients continually communicating with the whole team to provide care from diagnosis to post-treatment care.

Suzie attends and contributes to the weekly  head and neck multi-disciplinary team meeting. One aspect of Suzie’s role is to bridge the gaps between departments and ensure communication between metropolitan, regional and rural parts of NSW to provide stability and continuity of care for patients.

Suzie has recently completed a Clinical Masters in Oncology Nursing. This has enhanced her framework for the provision of patient centred care while continuing to use best practice guidelines, allowing patients to receive the best holistic care throughout their cancer journey.

In 2020 Suzie will co-run St Vincent’s Hospital first Head and Neck Support Group for patients, families and carers.

She is a member of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Nurses Group of Australia.

Suzie’s vision for the future is to have establish specialist head and neck cancer nurses throughout Australia.

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