Model Radiation Therapy Machines

Model Linac by Connor’s Bricks (Australia)

model linac australiaIn mid 2018 Connor’s Grandmother was diagnosed with a tumor on her jaw that required radiotherapy treatment. At around the same time, Connor was approached by Dr. Sean Geoghegan, State Director of Radiation Oncology Medical Physics at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, to take part in a project to design and create a Lego model of a Linear Accelerator (Linac) for children who are about to undergo treatment for cancer to build, play with, and reduce any anxiety they have for the treatment. Find out more.

Little Linac Project by IPEM (UK)

Litt;e LinacThe Little Linac project was started by Professor David Brettle, when he was President of IPEM. His vision was for IPEM to provide every child in the UK undergoing radiotherapy treatment for cancer with a free kit of play bricks to make a model treatment machine (linac, short for linear accelerator).  Toy bricks are every child’s favourite toy and are an ideal way to educate young patients about their treatment in a way that is designed to reduce their stress and anxiety, and so contribute to successful treatment sessions. Find out more.


The Mask and How to Help

The Mask and How to HelpAmanada Bolderston, MedRadResearch, 7 January 2020
This month’s blogger, Julie McCrossin, is an Australian journalist and broadcaster, she is also an oropharyngeal cancer survivor who was treated with radiation therapy and chemotherapy over 5 years ago. “The most traumatic aspect of my treatment for stage four oropharyngeal cancer in 2013 was the immobilisation mask. I wore it every day for 30 consecutive days. My time alone in the bunker receiving radiation therapy was 20 minutes. The setting up period meant I was tightly secured by the head for up to 25 minutes each day.”  Read more.

Useful Resources

Targeting CancerTargeting Cancer
Targeting Cancer has a growing body of literature tailored to the busy GP to enhance knowledge about modern radiation therapy (radiotherapy). They encourage visitors to download the articles on radiation therapy technology advances for localised prostate cancer, brain metastases, high risk cancers and more. Volunteer ROs contribute to the materials and are often contactable for more information and clinical educational collaborations.  Read more.


My Radiation Treatment

Mask Art for Survivors