Beyond Five Changes Name to Head and Neck Cancer Australia

Beyond Five Name Change
28 September 2020
Beyond Five is excited to announce that we have changed our name to Head and Neck Cancer Australia.

Since our launch in late 2016 we have become well-respected within the head and neck cancer community including among patients, families, carers and healthcare professionals. We provide a centralised hub of comprehensive, evidence-based and easy to understand information that is reviewed regularly by leading head and neck cancer professionals and people living with head and neck cancer across Australia and New Zealand.

Our comprehensive library of resources are used by over 60 hospitals across Australia and New Zealand and in the last 12 months our website has had over 95,000 new visitors. We have the only Directory of Head and Neck Cancer services and support groups available in Australia and New Zealand helping people to find the right services and support when they need it most.

There is, however, a lot of work still to be done to raise awareness of head and neck cancer in the community and to advocate for greater funding for head and neck cancer prevention and patient care.

The decision to change our name we believe will help raise the profile of head and neck cancer in the general public, among people living with head and neck cancer, healthcare professionals and funding bodies. This will lead to greater recognition and support for the work we do, in collaboration with our growing community, to support and reduce the cancer burden in some of the most disenfranchised cancer patients

While our name will be changing, the three pillars that guide our work will remain the same:

1)    Raise Awareness Nationally
Educate all Australians about head and neck cancer to increase early diagnosis and encourage prevention.
2)    Provide Vital Support
Empower all patients and carers to better navigate their head and neck cancer journey by providing a central source of information and support.
3)    Influence Public Policy
Engage with Government to advocate for dedicated public sector funding for head and neck cancer prevention and patient care.

Updated resources

From 28 September our website, social media pages and email addresses will start to redirect to Head and Neck Cancer Australia. You will also see our new name on patient information sheets, patient cards and posters.

If you are a healthcare professional or support group coordinator who has received printed resources in the past you will receive Head and Neck Cancer Australia branded resources during October 2020. In the meantime, you can STILL continue to use Beyond Five materials – anyone accessing the domain will be automatically re-directed to our new domain

If you have not received our patient resources in the past and would like to order posters or patient cards for your support group or local hospital please email us.

Updated Contact Information

Phone: 1300 424 848

Finally, thank you to everyone who has continued to support our activities this year. Now more than ever, your generosity is crucial to ensuring the sustainability of our activities and our transformation into a national organisation with a powerful impact on the increasing incidence of head and neck cancer. 

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