2020 Head & Neck Cancer Video Series

The Videos:

  1. Innovations in Surgery
    • Part A: A/Prof Richard Gallagher, Hans Ede
    • Part B: Suzie Flynn
    • Part C: A/Prof Julia Maclean
  2. Innovations in Radiation Therapy
  3. Innovations in Chemotherapy & Immunotherapy: Maureen Jansen, Dr Venessa Chin, Dr Amy Prawira
  4. Innovations in Dental Care
  5. Innovations in Managing Distress & Recovery
    • Part A: Maureen Jansen, Denyse Whelan, Gary Mar, Dr Ben Britton, A/Prof Haryana Dhillon
    • Part B: Teresa Simpson, Michelle Roach
  6. Innovations in Managing Mask Anxiety & The Remove The Mask Research: Julie McCrossin, Hans Ede, Prof Paul Keall, Prof Phyllis Butow
  7. Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Patients, Family & Community : A/Prof Kelvin Kong

Latest H&NC News

Head and Neck Cancer 2020 Video Series

by Julie McCrossin, North Eastern Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service, 8 September 2020

Julie McCrossin is a freelance journalist and facilitator. Julie is a former broadcaster with 20 years experience working for ABC Radio National, ABC TV and Network Ten. In 2013, she was diagnosed with stage 4 HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer.  She is an Ambassador for Beyond FiveTargeting Cancer and TROG Cancer Research, and was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia for significant service to the community in 2019.

My traumatic experience of insufficient preparation for the immobilisation mask used in my radiation treatment started me on a journey of providing easily accessible, evidence-based information to help other head and neck cancer patients and their families survive physically and emotionally as best they could.

I reached out to clinical multidisciplinary team members to work in partnership. I also approached other patients. It opened my eyes to the multiple challenges faced by head and neck cancer patients. [The majority of] patient groups focus on peer support and peer education. They want their support and information from peers. I’m a little bit different. Both my brothers are medical specialists; my father was an orthodontist, my daughter is a doctor. Many of my friends are doctors. As a patient, I wanted to hear from the most qualified clinicians who were having the highest volume of patients like me. The evidence is that if you want to survive... read more

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