2021 Head & Neck Cancer Video Series

The 2021 Videos:

  1. Welcome to the Head and Neck Cancer Forum 2021 Video Series: Improving Dental Care For Head & Neck Cancer Patients
  2. Improve Access to Dental & Mental Health Services: Medicare Should Be Changed
  3. Dental Challenges for Rural Patients – Head & Neck Cancer
  4. Dentist in Head & Neck Cancer Team & Gaps In Long-Term Care
  5. Pre-Treatment Dental Assessment & Why Extractions May Be Needed – Head & Neck Cancer Patients
  6. Radiation Treatment – Dry Mouth, Dental Decay – Tobacco & Alcohol in Head & Neck Cancer
  7. Radiation Treatment- Skin, Mouth & Dental Impact – Dry Mouth & Trismus – Head & Neck Cancer
  8. Radiation Treatment- Rare Dental Side Effect – Osteoradionecrosis – Bone Death – Head & Neck Cancer
  9. Cleaning & Caring for Teeth & Mouth – Prevention Tooth Decay – Head & Neck Cancer
  10. Dentists are essential team members in the treatment of Head and Neck Cancer patients
  11. Opportunities for dentists to develop best practice in working with Head and Neck cancer patients
  12. See a dentist as early as possible before starting treatment for a Head & Neck Cancer
  13. Australia’s approach to funding dental care for Head & Neck Cancer patients needs to change
  14. Ongoing dental & oral health needs of Head & Neck Cancer survivors
    • Tracey Nicholls, ENT Nurse Practitioner, Flinders Medical Centre; Head & Neck Cancer Co-ordinator, SA Health, Adelaide.

The 2020 Videos

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Particle Therapy in Australia: iacta alea est!

Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology, August 2020

NB This article is © 2020 The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists. It has been generously made available for publication and download from this site free of charge until 8 January 2021. 

The Australian Bragg Centre for Proton Therapy and Research (ABC) has begun site preparation work (thus iacta alea est, the die is cast). Located in the new South Australia Health and Medical Research Institute building, construction should be complete in 2023, with accelerator installation and commissioning over the subsequent 18 months.

This editorial accompanies five manuscripts on particle therapy (PT) in this issue and records the journey to deliver PT to Australia thus far. We propose actions required to ensure optimum implementation and use of PT at the bi-national (Australian and New Zealand, ANZ) level, so patients have equitable access to evidence-based treatment from a skilled workforce to a world-class quality in a safe and effective way.

Australia’s involvement in the science underpinning PT (proton beam therapy (PBT), carbon and other ion therapy) can be traced back to William Henry... read more

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