We regret to advise that the Forum planned for 16 October 2020 at The Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney has been postponed until 2021. In its place, we are currently filming a series of videos on Head & Neck Cancer Treatment Innovations to Improve Survival & Quality of Life to be released on World Head & Neck Cancer Day, 27 July 2020.

2020 Head & Neck Cancer Video Series

Title: Head & Neck Cancer Treatment Innovations: Improving Survival & Quality of Life

Hosts: St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney & The Kinghorn Cancer Centre

Purpose: To provide up-to-date evidence-based information for everyone in the head & neck cancer community

Presenter: Julie McCrossin AM, broadcaster, head & neck cancer survivor, Ambassador for BeyondFive, Targeting Cancer, TROG Cancer Research

Video Producer: Daniel Taylor, Director, Media Services, Insight

Videos Release Date: 27 July 2020, World Head & Neck Cancer Day

Video Topics:

  1. Innovations in Surgery
  2. Innovations in Radiation Therapy
  3. Innovations in Chemotherapy & Immunotherapy
  4. Innovations in Dental Care
  5. Innovations in Managing Distress & Recovery
  6. Innovations in Managing Mask Anxiety & The Remove The Mask Research

Aim 2020 Head & Neck Cancer Video Series:

To discuss key innovations that are improving survival & quality of life for patients with head & neck cancers.

Latest H&NC News

Cancer the leading cause of Indigenous deaths after large spike

Dana McCauley, Sydney Morning Herald, 21 June 2020

Cancer has overtaken circulatory disease as the leading cause of Indigenous deaths in NSW and Victoria, prompting a new campaign aimed at improving screening, treatment and lifestyle factors.

John Delaney, a Kamilaroi elder who was diagnosed with lung cancer six years ago, smoked cigarettes for 37 years before quitting at the age of 50, and he now tries to impart upon the younger generation the importance of avoiding tobacco.

“Nothing peeves me more than seeing young kids like I was myself with a cigarette hanging out of their mouths,” he said.

“I started at 13. It was a man thing to do back in those days … It was great stuff, to be considered a man. I was smoking 90... read more

FDA approves Gardasil 9, the HPV vaccine, to prevent head-and-neck cancer

Matthew Herper, STAT, 12 June 2020

For the past decade, evidence has suggested that Gardasil, the HPV vaccine, could stem an epidemic of throat cancer. But it has also never received approval from the Food and Drug Administration for that use — and it was unclear if it ever would.

On Friday, the agency granted that approval, clearing the latest version of the vaccine, Gardasil 9, to prevent a cancer that affects 13,500 Americans annually. The decision was announced by Gardasil’s maker, Merck.

The decision doesn’t change recommendations about who should get the vaccine, which is already recommended for females and males ages 9 through 45 to prevent cervical, vulvar, vaginal, and anal cancer as well as genital warts. But cancers of the... read more

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