The Role of Hope and Purpose in Advanced Cancer

The Thing About Cancer podcast, 10 July 2019

Dr Megan Best & Julie McCrossin

Expert interviewed in this episode: Dr Megan Best, Palliative Care Specialist & Researcher

In this episode, the thing about advanced cancer is that so much feels out of your control and it really can make you rethink everything.

How can you make sense of it all? And what is the role of hope?

Julie sits down with palliative medicine specialist Dr Megan Best to tackle these big questions, and much more.

With a background in research into the existential crisis that can occur near the end of life, Megan is well placed to explain what an existential crisis actually is, how it can relate to people with advanced cancer, and what role spirituality can play.

Megan explains that hope is still key, but the nature of hope may change over time. She also stresses that it is important to work out what gives you strength during a crisis. Many people find strength from their relationships with family and friends. Others turn to religion, draw on internal strength, or find comfort in nature or art. If you let your health care team know what matters most to you, they can support you to have access to it throughout the advanced cancer stage.

To hear Megan talk about these topics, and much more, listen to The Role of Hope and Purpose in Advanced Cancer now, or find more episodes here.


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