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Elise Searson, About Regional, 3 August 2019

Julie McCrossin, podcast host at the microphone

A new cancer podcast offering support to residents in South East NSW is now available, the 10 episode series is a deep dive into treatments, hope, life and loss.

John O’Neill was diagnosed with advanced brain cancer in May 2018 and had trouble finding information that openly addressed the crisis he was facing.

“Searching for information in the wake of an advanced cancer diagnosis is a daunting task at the best of times,” John says.

“The facts and figures are out there, but hardly anything discusses the more personal and social issues that linger around the disease.”

Cancer Council NSW hopes to turn that around with this new podcast series – The Thing About Advanced Cancer. Hosted by cancer survivor and broadcaster, Julie McCrossin, the ten episodes feature interviews with both cancer experts and people with a lived experience of advanced cancer and explore the practical as well as the existential issues that people may face.

Julie says there is a focus on the challenges surrounding a diagnosis of advanced cancer.

“Coming from a radio background I know the power of the spoken word and the podcast is a perfect vehicle for this kind of information,” she says.

McCrossin brings her own experience as a survivor of cancer in her tonsils, tongue and throat to her role as host, honing in on topics that will resonate most with people living with advanced cancer.

“This format overcomes many common barriers to information often experienced by patients and their carers,” she says.

“Cancer-related fatigue, brain fog and just feeling unwell can make reading books or online information more difficult, but listening to a podcast takes very little effort and can be done at a time and place that suits the listener.”

The ten episodes of The Thing About Advanced Cancer will be released between now and September. They will focus on key topics and common challenges that people affected by advanced cancer experience:

What does advanced cancer mean?

  • Treatment options for advanced cancer
  • Living well with advanced cancer
  • Caring for someone with advanced cancer
  • Living with dying
  • Caring for someone in their last months
  • The role of hope and purpose in advanced cancer
  • Managing pain when cancer is advanced
  • Preventing delirium when cancer is advanced
  • Managing breathlessness when cancer is advance

Emma Swords, Community Programs Coordinator for the Cancer Council Southern NSW says she is proud to offer this new way of supporting people locally.

“The series aims to tackle some of the less-talked-about issues around advanced cancer and provide practical, evidence-based information in an informal way, to help people understand and cope with their situation,” she says.

“We know Far South Coast locals affected by cancer really value information, but their need for information is not always met as well as they would like.”

Three episodes of the new series are available now, with the remaining episodes to be released over the coming weeks. Listen via the Cancer Council website.


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